Behind the Scenes

January 25, 2015
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Ever wondered whats happening behind the scenes of Ask a Transsexual?

See this and you will never watch another episode without a smile again... ;)



Recent updates!

January 22, 2015
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There's been several recent updates and I hope you've enjoyed them! ;-)

The galleries won't appear in the header, neither will the videos unless I manually add them. I hope that doesn't mean you've missed them!

Next episode will be available later this week!


Behind the Scenes 1

January 18, 2015
Behind the Scenes 1 4.00/5(80.00%) 1

I made a behind the scenes episode of ask a transsexual, just for you guys! ;)

Pink Fist 2

December 26, 2014
Pink Fist 2 5.00/5(100.00%) 2

Let's put something bigger in that ass...!

Pink Fist 1

December 6, 2014
Pink Fist 1 4.80/5(96.00%) 5

First part of a series with me having my ass stretched from my girlfriend, getting ready to be anally fisted!