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My new blog!

October 28, 2011
My new blog! 5.00/5(100.00%) 2

Hello there! This is my very new site. ^^

You may have seen my face before. I've been on TV, on YouTube and on a few nasty videos on sites like YouPorn... ;-) Just Google Hannah Sweden if you don't believe me.

I've always had this fantasy of becoming every mans sexual fantasy. So, why not make it real?

I just need you to join me in making me the perfect bimbo!

Let me know what your fantasy bimbo would look like, how to behave and how you would want to treat her...

Who are your favorite bimbos? I like bimbos like Coco and Danielle Derek.. I wish I could look like that. And maybe I can?

I have this idea you see...

Every month I give out a hot date with me - for real - from the tickets given out to anyone who donates to my cause.

You can decide yourself what you want to donate to. Bigger boobs? Bigger lips? Sexy clothing or something completely else? You decide!